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“Anne Sedki is a very nice person, I knew her from my classmate who is her sister-in-law. I had some disputes about my three-year daughter who was discriminated against by the school. Police was finally involved and issued me two tickets. It was Anne who helped me, an Asian woman, to get through all of this. Much much thanks to YOU, Anne!”


“She’s one of the best lawyers that we know. Every matter she solves quickly honestly and patiently. She’s the best at her job and anyone who has immigration issues u can easily contact her and she does everything to solve it. We trusted and she did it. Thank u lawyer Sedki”


“She is very well oriented and fully aware of all the legal matters related to immigration. Her advice, hard work, and guidance were extremely helpful. She is a great lawyer and I highly recommend her!”


“Great experience. Took care of all the paperwork that was needed and answered all of our questions. Very flexible with appointments which was great for our work schedule.”


“I found Anne very competent and knowledgeable. She would answer all the questions I had in a very timely manner and was very professional and polite at the same time.”


“Anne Zeitoun-Sedki is a very knowledgeable lawyer. She was very helpful and accommodating. Highly recommend for legal matters.”
-Chantal Zarka


“Lawyer Anne Zeitoun assisted me while completing my emigration documents and my naturalization. She was very helpful, with outstanding response to all my questions. very honest with my case. Explaining all procedures and requirements, with clear mind and familiar with such cases. She helped filling my application, submitted all paper on time, made sure I am aware of appointment, location and time. Assisted me during my interviews. My case went very smoothly due to her help and dedication.”


“Thank you very much for your help throughout the process and I particularly appreciate how accessible you’ve been and how easy you were to work with through it all!”
-Rayan H.


“Anne is a really nice person. I have a very complicated situation but Anne helps me to keep being strong and believe that everything is going to be ok. Thank you for your support. I am glad I found you. I hope we can make it.”


“I love my experience with Anne and the whole stuff they are very professional and organized and honest”
-Sitaram Acharya
December 7, 2020


“Attorney Anne Z. Sedki assisted me in dealing with the RFE. My case was finally approved. In my experience, she is very professional, and works hard for a case she takes.”
Baker Sedqi
-Baker Sedqi
August 11, 2020


“Excellent lawyer and committed staff. Strongly recommend.”
-Moller Awad
May 9, 2020


“Every time I needed faithful immigration advice this is the office I trust. Thank you.”
Joseph Guirguis
-Joseph Guirguis
May 8, 2020


“Professional Attorney,
Highly recommended”
-Ehab Mohmed
May 8, 2020


Google rating score: 4.9 of 5,based on 21 reviews.

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